US Airline Passenger & Fare Analysis Tool

Updated – 8/17/2015

Data Source – Domestic Airline Consumer Airfare

How It Works

  • Select the city from the dropdown to populate the map with the fares and number of passengers from that location
  • Zoom in and zoom out and move around the map with your mouse
  • Filter out other cities based on the average fare on the right
  • The larger the bubbles the more passengers that travel between the two cities
  • Now for the colors, greener the cheaper fares while red are more expensive fares
  • Keep in mind that averages fares displayed include first class tickets and tickets bought a year in advanced to the day of flying. However, this information should give a good indication on what routes are the cheapest to fly.
  • PDEW – Passengers Daily Each Way, meaning X passengers fly from A to B and X passengers fly from B to A on the same day. X being equal to the number PDEW

This post only introduces the tool but I hope to add further analysis on different markets in future posts. Feel free to make your own deductions!