American Airlines Award Chart Old vs New Comparison Tool


American Airlines Award Chart Comparison Tool – 12/8/2015



This travel tool shows the difference between the old American Airlines award chart and the new one which goes into effect on March 22nd, 2016. The purpose is to assist anyone with award bookings on American Airlines to see if makes sense to book the award before the switch over or after. The majority of awards remain the same for Economy but most Seasonal Economy, Business, and First class awards do increase. There are a couple of decreases so it may make sense to book those awards afterwards. Hopefully this data and tool will assist you with making that decision!

There are multiple views that can be toggled with the tabs at the top.

  1. Dashboard that shows the differences of awards from the old American Airlines chart compared to the new chart from a selected country by class of service on a map. A basic data table is shown on the bottom that displays the cost of the awards between the selected countries.
  2. Map View provides a larger view of the map in the Dashboard that shows the cost difference of awards between countries. Linked to Dashboard view filters
  3. Data Table – Countries shows the cost difference between the selected countries in a table view. Linked to Dashboard view filters
  4. Data Table – Regions which provides the raw data at an award region level. All of the classes of services are shown with the old American Airlines chart, the new chart, and the difference between the two.



  • Contains both Map View and Data Table Country view
  • Use the instructions for Map View to interact with the visualizations
  • Default View is set for awards from the Contiguous United States in Business Class to everywhere in the world except for Alaska and Hawaii.

Map View

  • First, choose the From Country you would like to see awards originating from
  • Second, select the Class of Service you would like to view in the top right corner
  • Third, select a From Subregion if applicable. For example, for the United States the Contagious United States, Hawaii, and Alaska are select-able. It is suggested to only select one From Subregion. 
  • Optional, you can toggle between the American Airlines partner award chart or the American Airlines flights only award chart. AA only chart is for US flights
  • Fourth, select a To Subregion if applicable. For example if you want to see awards to the United States only (not including Hawaii or Alaska) unselect Hawaii and Alaska. This is neccesary for all flights to the United States to receive the correct award costs. 
  • Click or hover on a country on the map to pull up more information on the flights between the the from region to the clicked country
    • Shows Miles Required Old, Miles Required New, and Difference between the two.
  • Map Colors
    • Green indicates a decrease in the miles required in the new award chart
    • Red indicates an increase in the miles required in the new award chart
    • Awards disappearing will show as dark green this does not mean an actual decrease but that the award will no longer be bookable after the effective date

Data Table – Countries

  • Provides all data in default view for the selected From Country, to all other countries, American Airlines partner award chart, American Airlines flights only award chart
  • This view is synced with the Dashboard and Map View so any changes will also manipulate this view
  • Shows mileage requirements between the From Country to all countries based on the selected Class of Service

Data Table – Regions

  • This view is not synced with the other views and uses it’s own filters
  • Provides all data in default view for all from regions, to regions, American Airlines partner award chart, American Airlines flights only award chart
  • Filter by Chart to show the partner award chart, American Airlines only, or both
  • Filter by From Region to reduce the rows being displayed and to only show the selected region. Multiple regions can be selected
  • Filter by To Region to reduce the rows being displaced and to only show the selected region. Multiple regions can be selected
  • Click or hover on a date entry to make information bigger for the regions
    • Shows Miles Required
  • Data shown in table
    • Seasonal Economy Old, Seasonal Economy New, Seasonal Economy Difference
    • Economy Old, Economy New, Economy Difference
    • Business Old, Business New, Business Difference
    • First Old, First New, First Difference


  • Ensure to use Subregions when applicable or the awards may be shown incorrectly
  • The new short distance US to US award is not displayed visually. For reference standard US to US awards are 12,500 miles one way and awards less than 500 miles are 7,500 miles one way.

American Airlines Award Chart Comparison Old vs New 2016