Our 2017 Travel Review!

Hiking near Mt Bierstadt in Colorado
2017 has come and gone already but it is time to revisit our travels from last year. We did travel much more in 2016, but 2017 was still full of many exciting adventures. We did pick up and move from Indianapolis to the Denver area which was both exciting and scary. We are now settled into our new home in Denver and are loving the easy access to the mountains for hiking, skiing, and snowboarding. Despite moving, we did manage to get in many weekend trips throughout the Midwest, Colorado, and...

Our 2016 Travel Review! From Australia to Europe and Everything In Between

Our 2016 Travel Review, to Australia and Europe and more
While everyone is saying good riddance to 2016 because of all the celebrity deaths, 2016 was one my best years of my life! First and foremost I got married to my best friend, Beth, this summer, it was an amazing wedding with friends and family. On top of getting married it was by far the best travel year I have ever had with many of my travel goals (bucket list) being hit. Miles and points allowed us to travel to many of the destinations in 2016 that we could not have typically afforded othe...

My 2015 Travel Review! And A Giveaway to Celebrate!

My 2015 Travel Review, adventures took me to Costa Rica, El Salvador, San Diego, and more!
This past year was another banner year for my travels! I had the opportunity to explore many new cities and destinations that I had never seen. Thanks to my miles and points hobby I was able to travel relatively cheaply even during peak travel times. Let me preface and say that I am just an average Joe (or Ben) constrained by the standard working world. I have a standard 9 to 5 job and I do not even travel for work right now. With that in mind I wanted to show that you can travel a lot and c...

Here Are My Travel Goals, What Are Yours?

World Map showing my travel goals aka bucket list
Where In The World Would You Travel To? Here Are My Travel Goals I think it is important to have lists or goals whether that is for work or for personal reasons. Well traveling the world isn't any different to me at least... Here are my travel goals. Many people may call this their travel bucket list but I really don't want to wait until I kick the bucket... I know I am relatively young right now but there is no time like the present. You truly never know what will happen in life so it is imp...