New Business Airline OneJet, Indianapolis to Milwaukee

IND - MKE on OneJet
A new business traveler centered airline, OneJet will start operating flights between Indianapolis to Milwaukee starting on April 6th. The flights are being operated by Pentastar Aviation Charter flying a 7 seat seat Hawker 400. The flight is oriented more towards the Indianapolis based traveler with the IND - MKE flights departing in the morning at 8:15 am EST and arriving 8:15 am CST in Milwaukee. The return flight from MKE to IND does not departed until 5:25 pm CST with an arrival time of...

Booking an Allegiant Air Flight From Indianapolis?

Allegiant Air Booking Flights from Indianapolis
Allegiant Air recently started new routes from Indianapolis this month to a couple destinations including New Orleans, Las Vegas, Punta Gorda, and Orlando. Most people here in Indianapolis have not flown Allegiant before, me being one of them so when my friend approached me to take a trip this March I thought it would be good time to try them as they provided the cheapest option for a close in flight. With the trip being only for a weekend I needed very specific departure times and wanted to min...

Southwest Adds More New Routes From Dallas!

Southwest new routes from Dallas
Southwest Airlines has added new nonstop flights from Dallas (DAL) to Charleston, Columbus, Indianapolis, Memphis, Milwaukee, Panama City Beach, Portland Oregon, Sacramento, San Jose, and Seattle. Some of these destinations were previously announced a couple of weeks ago but it is great to see Southwest expanded after the expiration of the Wright Amendment! Most of these routes will start on April 8th and have daily service except for Charleston which is Saturday only and Panama City Beach as a ...

US Domestic Routes & Airfare Analysis Tool

Travel tool for domestic airfare and routes
One of the best parts of being an avid traveler and someone who enjoys data analysis and visualization is combining the two together! The travel tool created shows visually the average airfare and how many passengers per day commute from the selected city. Use it to find cheap airfare and the most popular travel destinations from your airport. It is always fun to try to see what new routes are possible from your city. For example, from Indianapolis there are 266 average daily passengers to San D...

Indianapolis Airline Capacity Analysis November 2014

This is from previous analysis on the seat capacity of all airlines out of Indianapolis International Airport from a week in November 2014. It essentially shows how many seats were scheduled for a week by all the airlines and destinations out of Indianapolis. <a href='#'><img alt=' ' src='