Alitalia MilleMiglia Status Match Extended! Great for the New Year!

Alitalia status match to Freccia Alata
First off, happy new year to everyone! 2015 was a great year and the first full year of my blog. I am even more excited for 2016 and plan on posting a lot more about my travels and finishing up creating some of my travel tools. With the new year beginning it also means time to re-qualify for elite status for airlines. Just in time for the new year Alitalia has extended it's status match program through January 31st, 2016. I was successful in matching my Etihad Gold elite status to Alitalia's ...

Avianca Brazil Amigo Status Match Success! Southwest Companion Pass to Diamond!

Status Match Success! Right now Avianca Brazil is currently accepting status matches from other airlines to their Amigo frequent flyer program. I sent my request in on October 1st and just received an email back stating I have been matched to Diamond! I really wasn't expecting a match that high! I had sent in my Southwest Companion Pass and my Etihad Gold status. I expected that Avianca would just ignore the Southwest Companion Pass and just match to the gold status. Most airlines do not matc...

Copa ConnectMiles Status Match / Challenge Experience

Copa ConnectMiles Status Match Experience It is unusual to see a completely new airline loyalty program come from an established airline but that happened earlier this year when Copa Airlines announced that they were creating their own loyalty program after relying on United's MileagePlus for the longest time. This is great news for a couple of reasons. One, this presents a unique opportunity in the miles game to try to get a status match for Star Alliance which can give you lounge access and...

Etihad Status Match Follow-Up

Etihad Guest Gold Status Received
Back in February Etihad had an offer to match nearly any airline status to an equivalent in their Etihad Guest program. The offer expired on March 15th and they promised at least a response within 2 weeks of submitting your request. Well it took additional follow-up emails but my US Airways Gold status was successfully matched to Etihad Guest Gold on May 10th. The best part for me at least was my US Airways Gold status expired on February 28th so I am very happy that they matched to it. W...

Etihad Guest Gold Status Match!

Etihad Airways is offering status matches to their Etihad Guest Gold tier, which is their 2nd status tier. In order to get the status match you need to have at least a "gold or a higher-tiered card with any other airline loyalty programme". I would read that as any 2nd tier status. I will be sending in my US Airways Gold status in hopes for a match. This offer expires on March 15th 2015 so send in your information! A couple of the benefits are listed below 50% Extra Bonus Miles - Enjoy 5...