A Week in Kauai All on Miles and Points

  The Setup Our first big trip for 2018 was off to Kauai! This was both Beth's and I's first time to anywhere in Hawaii and we had a great time. Now of course with us being frugal and into miles and points we were able to save a significant amount of cash by using miles and points for our flights, hotel, and even on the rental car. To summarize, these are all the options we used to get to Hawaii near free! 90,000 United miles for 2 nonstop economy flights from Denver to Lihue, Hawa...

Our 2017 Travel Review!

Hiking near Mt Bierstadt in Colorado
2017 has come and gone already but it is time to revisit our travels from last year. We did travel much more in 2016, but 2017 was still full of many exciting adventures. We did pick up and move from Indianapolis to the Denver area which was both exciting and scary. We are now settled into our new home in Denver and are loving the easy access to the mountains for hiking, skiing, and snowboarding. Despite moving, we did manage to get in many weekend trips throughout the Midwest, Colorado, and...

Lake Tahoe, a Work Trip Turned Into an Adventure

View of Chimney Rock Beach Lake Tahoe
While my personal travel went on the back-burner the first half of this year I have been traveling a lot for work (Beth and I are moving to Denver, Colorado soon! More on that later!). A couple of these work trips were to the Reno, Nevada area and I couldn't resist not visiting beautiful Lake Tahoe nearby and do some hiking. I was able to get in a couple hikes after work and before sunset while visiting the Reno area. Sunset was around 8:30 PM so I had just about 2 hours to get some hiking i...

Great Hike Near Puerto Vallarta to Las Animas

In October, Beth and I decided to do a long weekend trip to Puerto Vallarta. This was Beth's fall break and it was a perfect excuse for a beach vacation. We stayed 4 nights at the Sheraton Bunganvillas near downtown Puerto Vallarta. A full review on that hotel later but we loved our stay there. While our main purpose was to be beach bums, we had one hike on our itinerary which from Boca de Tomatlan to Las Animas beach, picture above! Above is the map of the hike we did from Boca de To...

Our 2016 Travel Review! From Australia to Europe and Everything In Between

Our 2016 Travel Review, to Australia and Europe and more
While everyone is saying good riddance to 2016 because of all the celebrity deaths, 2016 was one my best years of my life! First and foremost I got married to my best friend, Beth, this summer, it was an amazing wedding with friends and family. On top of getting married it was by far the best travel year I have ever had with many of my travel goals (bucket list) being hit. Miles and points allowed us to travel to many of the destinations in 2016 that we could not have typically afforded othe...

Ston & Prapratno Beach, A Perfect Day Trip from Dubrovnik, Croatia

While in Dubrovnik, Croatia, one of our favorite days was our day trip up north to Ston and Prapratno Beach. Ston is home to the largest intact wall in Europe making for a nice piece of trivia, while Prapratno Beach was the most beautiful beach we visited on our entire honeymoon on points. While Dubrovnik is an amazing place to begin with, it is also a perfect spot to base yourself for day trips. From our hotel, the Sheraton Dubrovnik, we first day tripped to the awe-inspiring Kotor, Montene...

Day Trip to Kotor, Montenegro from Dubrovnik

A Day Trip from Dubrovnik, Croatia to Beautiful Kotor, Montenegro
Day Trip to Montenegro We absolutely loved our stay at the Sheraton Dubrovnik as part of our long honeymoon. The Sheraton was a perfect base for exploring all of southern Croatia aka Dalmatia, Montenegro, and even Bosnia and Herzegovina. We didn't have enough time to go into Bosnia, but we did head to Montenegro on a day trip and really enjoyed it! From Dubrovnik it was a short 1.5 hour drive to get to Kotor, Montenegro. The drive itself was worth it. Starting off from Dubrovnik you head s...

OneJet Announces Pittsburgh to Cincinnati Flight Schedule

OneJet Announces Louisville Focus City with new nonstop flights
A couple months ago OneJet announced new flights between Pittsburgh (PIT) and Cincinnati (CVG). The flights were originally slated to begin on August 15th but that never came to fruition. OneJet has finally detailed out the flight schedule and is now set to begin the nonstop flights between Pittsburgh and Cincinnati on October 19th, 2016. OneJet will be the only airline operating nonstop flights between these two cities. The flights will be run two times a day each way with the followi...

Is Venice Overrated? Our 3 Days Wandering the City

Is Venice Overrated? Our 3 days wandering the city
As part of our long honeymoon we made a stop in the historic but maybe overrated city of Venice. This was our last stop on our tour of Italy before we headed to Croatia. In Italy we absolutely loved hiking in Cinque Terre and exploring Rome so maybe we set the bar too high for Venice. We had 3 nights in Venice giving us 3 days to explore, it was probably 2 days too many! Our 3 Days In Venice Getting to Venice from Cinque Terre required a 6 hour train journey with a short stop in Milan. The...

Sheraton Dubrovnik Riviera Hotel Review, An Amazing Stay!

Hotel review of the amazing Sheraton Dubrovnik Riviera in Croatia
Point Booking Our last destination on our amazing 3 week honeymoon was to beautiful Croatia and we stayed at the equally amazing Sheraton Dubrovnik Riviera Hotel. The Sheraton is a brand new hotel with the grand opening happening just last October. Despite it being it's first summer we didn't notice any issues at all! We initially booked this hotel when it was a Starwood category 4 hotel, meaning it cost 10,000 points per night. It would have ran a total of 40,000 points for our 5 night st...