Cuba Flights From USA Route Map

Approved flights from Cuba to USA
// Route Map of Cuba Flights From USA // Overview of Cuba Flights From USA With relations between the United States of America and Cuba beginning to normalize the Department of Transportation (DOT) has tentatively approved route authorities for US Airlines to fly to Cuba. Cuba has set limit on the number of flights per day at each airport at 10 with Havana as an exception at 20 flights per day. With the DOT route approvals coming in a total of 41 route and carrier com...

Southwest Adds Flights from Baltimore & Analysis of Route Map

Southwest Airlines route map analysis and new routes
Southwest Adds More Summer Flights From Baltimore Southwest Airlines has just announced additional flights out of Baltimore for this summer. The flights will be added for the dates between June 5th, 2016 to August 6th, 2016. This is not typical for Southwest as they usually announces all flights for a booking period at once and do not make changes after the schedule has been released. The only exception to that rule is for a large announcement like a new international route, which this is not...

Analysis: American Airlines Award Chart Old vs New

Overview American Airlines has been the go to frequent flyer program for any travel hacker since both United and Delta devalued their award chart and went to a revenue earning scheme. However, with the integration of US Airways and American Airlines nearing completion it was time for serious change on the award chart. Keep in mind changes were expected as some of the awards were dirt cheap compared to other airlines especially for Business and First class redemptions. While there have been c...

US Domestic Routes & Airfare Analysis Tool

Travel tool for domestic airfare and routes
One of the best parts of being an avid traveler and someone who enjoys data analysis and visualization is combining the two together! The travel tool created shows visually the average airfare and how many passengers per day commute from the selected city. Use it to find cheap airfare and the most popular travel destinations from your airport. It is always fun to try to see what new routes are possible from your city. For example, from Indianapolis there are 266 average daily passengers to San D...

Indianapolis Airline Capacity Analysis November 2014

This is from previous analysis on the seat capacity of all airlines out of Indianapolis International Airport from a week in November 2014. It essentially shows how many seats were scheduled for a week by all the airlines and destinations out of Indianapolis. <a href='#'><img alt=' ' src='