Hey everyone! I am Ben also known as Travel Griz and the creator of My Travel Tools!

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My Travel Tools was created to showcase my own personal travels but more importantly to assist fellows travelers with tips, tricks, and tools for traveling around the world efficiently and cheaply. As I continue developing my website additional custom tools and visualizations will be created to simplify how people book, plan, and share their travels.

The tools portion is still in development but to give you a little background about that. I have a fascination with data visualization and combine that with my travel obsession I decided to try to create some unique ways to display the information. The first just being a simple way to display DOT domestic information on airfares and how many people travel between cities. My next goal is to create more visualizations that could help with flight and hotels bookings.  Hopefully you find these interesting as well as useful!


More about myself… First, I couldn’t imagine traveling the world without my beautiful fiance Beth! For some reason she said yes! She has got bitten by the travel bug too. We are both young so we have a lot of the world left to explore but we are excited to really start. We are avid hikers, explorers, beachgoers, and are always open for suggestions especially if it’s off the beaten path. Here are our travel goals aka bucket list!

Second, growing up my friends nicknamed me Griz because of my last name. Hence the reason Travel Griz. I enjoy travelling with my friends as well and now many of them live across the country giving me a great excuses to visit them or to explore places with them as well.


So follow me to learn how to travel the world or maybe just down the street…