Update on OneJet, An Airline for Business Travelers

OneJet Resumes Service

OneJet Interactive Route Map

It has been a while since I have posted any updates regarding OneJet but they have been relatively quiet over the past couple months. While not announced OneJet suspended flights over the holidays as it is an extremely slow time for business travel. I don’t blame them and it makes sense to not fly empty planes. Fortunately they resume flights next Monday January 11th, 2016. Their schedule has been extended through February 26th, 2016 and are bookable on Expedia.

Regrading the schedule there has been no time changes or any new routes. The only thing different is a couple flight numbers changing.

Please see my updated routemap here. OneJet does not publish their routes or timetable so I have undertaken the task to compile it. It is updated as of this posting date.

What Does 2016 Hold for OneJet

OneJet Potential Focus City & Routes

OneJet has stated that they are in search for a new aircraft for 2016 to replace their current Hawker 400s which are operated by Pentastar Aviation Charter. While no specific aircraft has been announced it should be very similar to their Hawker 400s which currently seat 7 passengers but they only sell 5 of the seats to make it more comfortable. A slightly larger aircraft may be more suitable with room for more luggage. Having a plane with decent range is also important to open up more potential routes and the Hawker 400 has about 1000 nm range. They are expected to add up to 50 aircraft within the next 3 years.

In addition to the new aircraft expect more routes this year. There are literally hundreds of city pairs that would benefit from nonstop flights. With the low number of seats it would be easy for OneJet to really open up any market. However, OneJet has failed to keep it’s word to announce a new focus city by September 15th, 2015. It was speculated that one of the current cities served would become the next focus city along with their current focus city Indianapolis. While the lack of announcement was disappointing and somewhat concerning I expect that an announcement in early 2016 will occur along with their new aircraft selection.

If you are curious about flying OneJet there is a great trip report from Airwaysnews.

So what and when will we hear from OneJet? They have opened up there schedule for 2016 but there have been no new announcements.