Alitalia MilleMiglia Status Match Extended! Great for the New Year!

First off, happy new year to everyone! 2015 was a great year and the first full year of my blog. I am even more excited for 2016 and plan on posting a lot more about my travels and finishing up creating some of my travel tools.

With the new year beginning it also means time to re-qualify for elite status for airlines. Just in time for the new year Alitalia has extended it’s status match program through January 31st, 2016. I was successful in matching my Etihad Gold elite status to Alitalia’s Millemiglia Freccia Alata status (essentially there mid level equivalent). I had also tried matching my Avianca Brazil Diamond status but so far that has not proven successful.

Alitalia status match to Freccia Alata


Once again the question comes up why would I want elite status from a foreign airline? Lounge access, priority security, free luggage, potential upgrades and more with the foreign airline and there partners! With Alitalia elite status you can receive benefits on SkyTeam and also Etihad Airways partners. The list of these partner airlines includes some heavy hitters like Delta, Air France, KLM, Etihad, airberlin, Korean Air, and more.

Here are the equivalent elite tiers for Alitalia MilleMiglia program

Silver level – Ulisse Club
Gold level – Freccia Alata Club
Platinum level – Freccia Alata Plus Club

Alitalia will match the status to either 3/31/2016 or 3/31/2017 depending on what year your current status expires.

For more specifics about each elite tier see here


1. To get the status match you must first create an Alitalia MilleMiglia account if you haven’t already. Register via this link for the program and if you are under the age of 25 you can register for their “Young” program which will give you 2000 miles to start off with this link.

Tip: For me I personally keep track of all these airline and hotel loyalty accounts via AwardWallet. It would be impossible to even remember the logins of all of my accounts. If you signup with my link you get an upgraded account. By default AwardWallet tracks elite status, miles, and logins but with the upgraded account it tracks expiration of miles which is very useful.

2. Email by January 31st, 2016 with the following information.

  • First and Last Name
  • MilleMiglia account number
  • Copy of current elite status – This must be .jpg or .pdf file that is less than 1 mb

3. Check your account in about week to see if your elite status has updated. If you are denied you should receive an email. Resubmit your information

For the specifics on the promotion check here

My Experience

It took I think 5 emails to finally receive a status match. When I finally got the status I did not receive any email saying that it worked. On the flip side I received a lot of denial emails back. This seems to be common and really no rhyme or reason on why it happens. My suggestion is to make sure the file you send is in the correct format. If jpg doesn’t work try pdf. I was matched once I sent in a pdf version. Easiest way to create a pdf is to paste the image into a blank word document and save as pdf.

So instead of qualifying just status match! It is much easier!

Has anyone else had success with the status match?