Southwest Schedule Extended Through Summer 2016

Southwest Airlines extends schedule through Summer 2016

Time to start booking your summer vacation flights! Southwest has extended there flights through August 5th, 2016. As always this is a great time to book your flights if you know your plans or even if you don’t! Southwest allows for free cancellations on all fares, just keep in mind on Wanna Get Away tickets refunds are tied to the passenger that was originally ticketed and the funds are good for one year (only usable to future Southwest flights). However, if you book any flights on points they are completely refundable! This is what I do to book potential trips in the summer even if I most likely won’t be taking the flight. Miles and points are how able to travel cheaply and go to places I wouldn’t be able to afford.

Now on to the schedule release. There really wasn’t anything too exciting, no major buildups, and no new destinations. Five new permanent routes were announced which are listed below.

  • Oakland (OAK) to Reno (RNO) 3x daily
  • St. Louis (STL) to Cleveland (CLE) 1x daily
  • St. Louis (STL) to Portland (PDX) 1x daily
  • St. Louis (STL) to Oakland (OAK) 1x daily
  • Dallas (DAL) to Burbank (BUR) 1x daily

Great news I suppose if you are based in St. Louis with a total of 3 new destinations. Outside of that there was seasonal additions and reductions in some markets. Southwest provides a great PDF showing the differences between April 2016 to June 2016. They really need to add a comparison between 2015 and 2016, that would be a better analysis! The schedule was pretty tame but there was a couple of interesting seasonal additions from Denver.

  • Denver (DEN) to Albany (ALB) 1x weekly
  • Denver (DEN) to Buffalo (BUF) 1x weekly
  • Denver (DEN) to Charleston (CHS) 1x weekly
  • Denver (DEN) to Norfolk (ORF) 1x weekly

The Charleston flight is particularly interesting to me and hopefully some of those routes stick around and go daily at some point. Off to book my summer travels on Southwest!