Another Day, Another Targeted 2x Bonus Offer on American Airlines Aviator MasterCard

American Airlines Aviator MasterCard Targeted Offer, 2x miles on supermarkets, movie theaters, and utilities

Targeted American Airlines Aviator 2x Bonus Miles on Supermarkets, Movie Theaters, & Utilities

Another day and another targeted bonus offer from Barclays on my and my fiancee’s American Airlines Aviator Red MasterCard. Actually this is the first time Beth has received a spending offer from Barlcays, so that is great! Maybe she will get the 15,000 mile offer soon, that one was really lucrative. I also received another targeted offer recently for 2x bonus miles on restaurants, gas, and department stores.

This new offer is for an additional 2 American Airlines bonus miles on purchases from supermarkets, movie theaters, and utilities. Utilities includes electric, gas, water, television, and telephone, so not bad at all! It effectively makes spending on these bonus categories 3x miles (1x normal spending + 2x bonus miles). The offer must be activated by February 15th, 2016 and is good for spending occurring between January 1st to March 31st, 2016. The terms state that it is only valid to the recipient of the mailer or email. This offers tops out at 2,500 bonus miles which equates to $1250 in spending on those categories. Not a bad little spending offer.

American Airlines Aviator MasterCard Targeted Offer, 2x miles on supermarkets, movie theaters, and utilities terms and conditions

How to Get This Offer

There are three ways to register, via email link, promo code sent via mail, or via phone.

  1. Check your email for the title Three easy ways to earn bonus miles it will be from From there just click the activate link.
  2. Another option is to check your mail. This is how Beth received the offer. On the mailer there will be a link to with a promo code. On the website enter the promo code included in the mailing along with your name. I think the promo code is only good the recipient
  3. The final option is to call this number 866-928-3075

Another Successful Retention Offer

It also helps that Beth was able to get the annual fee waived this past week too. I was successful a couple of months ago. She simply just called the number on the back of the card and said she didn’t want to pay the annual fee. No haggling was even required. Waived no problem without even coming up with an excuse. Somewhat surprising because she has made maybe an handful of charges since receiving the initial signup bonus last year. With the fee waived that saves $95 right there! The Aviator card also gave her the annual 10,000 bonus miles. And she finally…. got a targeted offer. Hopefully they keep rolling in!

Anyone else have a successful retention offer or receive the targeted offer?