Another Day, Another Targeted 2x Bonus Offer on American Airlines Aviator MasterCard

American Airlines Aviator MasterCard Targeted Offer, 2x miles on supermarkets, movie theaters, and utilities
Targeted American Airlines Aviator 2x Bonus Miles on Supermarkets, Movie Theaters, & Utilities Another day and another targeted bonus offer from Barclays on my and my fiancee's American Airlines Aviator Red MasterCard. Actually this is the first time Beth has received a spending offer from Barlcays, so that is great! Maybe she will get the 15,000 mile offer soon, that one was really lucrative. I also received another targeted offer recently for 2x bonus miles on restaurants, gas, and depa...

My 2015 Travel Review! And A Giveaway to Celebrate!

My 2015 Travel Review, adventures took me to Costa Rica, El Salvador, San Diego, and more!
This past year was another banner year for my travels! I had the opportunity to explore many new cities and destinations that I had never seen. Thanks to my miles and points hobby I was able to travel relatively cheaply even during peak travel times. Let me preface and say that I am just an average Joe (or Ben) constrained by the standard working world. I have a standard 9 to 5 job and I do not even travel for work right now. With that in mind I wanted to show that you can travel a lot and c...

Southwest Schedule Extended Through Summer 2016

Southwest Airlines extends schedule through Summer 2016
Time to start booking your summer vacation flights! Southwest has extended there flights through August 5th, 2016. As always this is a great time to book your flights if you know your plans or even if you don't! Southwest allows for free cancellations on all fares, just keep in mind on Wanna Get Away tickets refunds are tied to the passenger that was originally ticketed and the funds are good for one year (only usable to future Southwest flights). However, if you book any flights on points t...

Here Are My Travel Goals, What Are Yours?

World Map showing my travel goals aka bucket list
Where In The World Would You Travel To? Here Are My Travel Goals I think it is important to have lists or goals whether that is for work or for personal reasons. Well traveling the world isn't any different to me at least... Here are my travel goals. Many people may call this their travel bucket list but I really don't want to wait until I kick the bucket... I know I am relatively young right now but there is no time like the present. You truly never know what will happen in life so it is imp...