Avianca Brazil Amigo Status Match Success! Southwest Companion Pass to Diamond!


Status Match Success!

Right now Avianca Brazil is currently accepting status matches from other airlines to their Amigo frequent flyer program. I sent my request in on October 1st and just received an email back stating I have been matched to Diamond! I really wasn’t expecting a match that high! I had sent in my Southwest Companion Pass and my Etihad Gold status. I expected that Avianca would just ignore the Southwest Companion Pass and just match to the gold status. Most airlines do not match to the Southwest Companion but… lo and behold! Avianca matched to the top tier of their Amigo program which is Diamond! And all the way through March, 2017!

So why did I even want status with a seemingly random Brazilian airline? Simple it grants me Star Alliance Gold status for some upcoming flights on all Star Alliance partners. The benefits of Star Alliance Gold include priority airport standby, priority check-in, extra baggage, priority boarding, and most importantly airport lounge access. Also because they matched to their top tier it will help me in future status match requests as I usually just have a low / mid-tier status from my own flying.

How You Can Too!

There is still time to match to Avianca Brazil as the promo lasts from October 1st to November 30th, 2015. All you need to do is signup for an Amigo account and then email with your Amigo account number and images of your current airline status. Most reports have the requests happening within a couple of weeks but mine took over a month. I even sent a followup email to ensure they received the information and I finally received the match 2 weeks after the followup email. One thing to note is that it is kind of tricky to create an Amigo account especially if you do not know Portuguese. There is a toggle in the top right of the website to switch to English but it does not translate everything properly. Make sure to change your nationality in order to remove the requirement to input a CPF.

The way Avianca matches statuses is interesting and can work to your advantage or disadvantage, so pay attention! They match based on how your current airline status ranks (i.e. is it the 1st highest, 2nd highest, or 3rd highest tier of the program). For example, Etihad Gold would be the 2nd highest tier as they only have 3 tiers which would theoretically match to Avianca Amigo Gold. But if you want to match United Gold to them it would be United’s 3rd highest tier and would only match to Avianca Amigo Silver. Kind of odd considering Etihad Gold, United Gold, and Avianca Amigo Gold all have very similar benefits and qualification requirements. Although I could be wrong, but that is the way the promo reads! So just make sure to send in your HIGHEST tier to Avianca or if in doubt send in a couple of statuses like I did! In my email I specifically stated the tier of each status I sent, Southwest Companion Pass 1st highest, and that Etihad Gold was their 2nd highest in their program, just to make sure. I really think that helped me get their Diamond Status!

Good luck with your airline status matching! Let me know if you have any success!