Analysis: American Airlines Award Chart Old vs New

Overview American Airlines has been the go to frequent flyer program for any travel hacker since both United and Delta devalued their award chart and went to a revenue earning scheme. However, with the integration of US Airways and American Airlines nearing completion it was time for serious change on the award chart. Keep in mind changes were expected as some of the awards were dirt cheap compared to other airlines especially for Business and First class redemptions. While there have been c...

Just Won 10k Points! SPG Design Hotels Sweepstakes For The Win

Starwood Desing Hotel Sweepstakes Wiinner
I am not one to usually post sweepstakes or contests. Many of the other bloggers have this area covered. But, I am a little too excited because I just won 10,000 Starwood points from the SPG Design Hotels sweepstakes! HT to Travelcodex who posted about this yesterday. Only took me two tries to win! Prizes: Surprisingly the 10k prize I won is the highest prize other than the grand prize you can win. All of the prizes are listed below. One Free Night Award: 185 Awards available for an...

PenFed Amex Targeted $100 Offer on $1000 Spending!

PenFed Premium Travel Rewards Targeted Offer $100 Cash Back
PenFed Targeted Spending Offer I just received the most interesting targeted spending offer in the mail... This time coming on my PenFed Premium Travel Rewards American Express Card. The offer is for a $100 statement credit on $1000 spending from November 1st, 2015 to December 31st, 2015. The terms state that cash advances, credit card checks, and balances card transfers do not count towards the minimum. It also states to allow up to 2 months after the promotion ends to receive the statement ...

Avianca Brazil Amigo Status Match Success! Southwest Companion Pass to Diamond!

Status Match Success! Right now Avianca Brazil is currently accepting status matches from other airlines to their Amigo frequent flyer program. I sent my request in on October 1st and just received an email back stating I have been matched to Diamond! I really wasn't expecting a match that high! I had sent in my Southwest Companion Pass and my Etihad Gold status. I expected that Avianca would just ignore the Southwest Companion Pass and just match to the gold status. Most airlines do not matc...

How I Am Able to Travel Cheaply! Miles & Points to the Rescue!

Andaz Papagayo Hidden Beach
  How I Am Able To! A lot of my friends and family are always bewildered on how many trips I go on. They always ask me "How do you travel so much?!?". Well I am not rich. But I do have some tricks! First, I really do not spend that much when I do travel... My secret weapon is the world of miles and points. By utilizing airline miles and hotel points I am able to travel more and stay at places I would otherwise not be able to afford. Second, I am really fortunate that I currently have l...