Back to Back Weddings Indianapolis to San Diego & Jacksonville

The next two weekends will be crazy as I will be attending two weddings on two different coasts… One in San Diego and the other all the way in Jacksonville. I am excited to attended both of the weddings too, one is my college friend and the other is for one my fiance’s best friends. Unfortunately neither city has nonstop flights from Indianapolis making these weekend trips a little difficult. Luckily, my job has next Monday off (Columbus Day wooo!) and my fiance, Beth is a teacher and she has the entire week for fall break.

To even make it more confusing Beth will fly from San Diego to Jacksonville to help her friend with wedding preparations instead of back to Indianapolis. I get to go back home and head back to work for the rest of the week but then will head down to Jacksonville just in time for the Jacksonville wedding. With all the flights I really did not want to pay anything… That is where all my Southwest points I earned at the very beginning of the year came in handy. With the help of two signup bonuses and a couple flights I qualified for the Southwest Companion Pass which means when I fly my designated companion flies free… Also it is good until end of 2016… Flights below.


My flights, blue are with Beth, red by myself


Beth’s flights, blue are with me, black by her self.

To summarize all the blue flights both Beth and I are taking together and for free. These flights were booked on Southwest points in my name and because Beth is my companion I simply added her for no additional points and just $5.20 per one way for security fees. That is just a crazy deal… Now for what we will do in San Diego and Jacksonville other than the weddings remains somewhat open. But last year I went to San Diego and really enjoyed Gas Lamp, Coronado Beach, and Mission Beach so I might hit one or all of those again. For Jacksonville I really want to checkout St. Augustine even if just for a couple hours. Check back later for a full trip report of both San Diego and Jacksonville!