Copa ConnectMiles Status Match / Challenge Experience

Copa ConnectMiles Gold Status Match Challenge

Copa ConnectMiles Status Match Experience

It is unusual to see a completely new airline loyalty program come from an established airline but that happened earlier this year when Copa Airlines announced that they were creating their own loyalty program after relying on United’s MileagePlus for the longest time. This is great news for a couple of reasons. One, this presents a unique opportunity in the miles game to try to get a status match for Star Alliance which can give you lounge access and baggage fee waivers even when not flying Copa. Two, even if you don’t need a status match it is a good idea to signup for a Copa ConnectMiles account as you can receive up to 5000 miles!  It is always a good idea to diversify your loyalty programs. The setup and award charts of ConnectMiles is almost a carbon copy of MileagePlus but there are no transfer partners like Chase Ultimate Rewards, at least not yet.

As for status matches, there have been many reports of Copa matching directly to United statuses with expiration all the way to earlier 2017. Copa is doing do straight matches for United all the way up to their highest status which is Presidential Platinum. What is unclear is what they will match for any other airline status. I gave it try and sent Copa my Etihad Gold status and my Southwest Companion Pass back on July 17th, 2015. I kept checking my account and at the end of August my account status was updated to Gold with an expiration of 12/2015!!

I was really hoping for expiration through 2016 so I sent a couple of followup emails in August as I never received a formal notification of the status match. It took until September 1st to actual receive an automated email stating I earned Gold status but didn’t state an expiration date. Finally, today I received an actual response from my followup emails about matching through 2016. But it wasn’t in my favor… The response simply stated that the Gold status is valid until 12/31/2015 and in order to keep it I must fly 12 segments on Copa. Well that isn’t going to happen but it was worth a shot.

How To

Other people have had better success matching to Copa than me. For one I chose a program that doesn’t compete with Copa at all (Etihad) and they were still willing to give me status for a couple months and a challenge so that is good news. Now if you have Delta, American, United, LAN, Avianca or any other competitor I would bet that Copa would give a much better status match. To match to Copa you can email the following addresses or call Copa directly. (might be decommissioned)

Copa ConnectMiles Status Benefits

As for the benefits of Copa status they can be found here or above. Very similar to United with complimentary upgrades and companions on Copa flights, baggage fee waivers, and Star Alliance benefits. What really sticks out tho is at the Copa Platinum and Presidential Platinum levels where upgrade instruments are given. For people matched to these levels the upgrade instruments are also awarded which is a very nice addition. For Platinum, 3 regional upgrades are awarded which can be used on Copa and United flights within U.S, Mexico, Hawaii, Central America, Alaska, Caribbean, and Oceania (regional definitions). The highest level, Presidential Platinum gets you the 3 regional upgrades and 6 global upgrade which can be used on any Copa or United flight which is truly amazing. Key word there was United….

I would match to Copa if you have any need for Star Alliance status which can give you lounge access and baggage fee waivers when flying any Star airline carrier. Let me know if you have any success!