OneJet Announces Indianapolis to Nashville Flights

OneJet Roue Map Updated August 2015, Nashville (BNA) Added

OneJet has announced a new nonstop flight from Indianapolis (IND) to Nashville (BNA) that is set to begin on September 8th, 2015. The flight will operate Monday through Thursday with departure from Indianapolis (IND) at 8:00 AM EST and arrival in Nashville (BNA) at 8:15 AM CST. The return flight departs Nashville at 4:15 PM CST and arrives back in Indianapolis at 6:40 PM EST. Like usual both flights are timed perfectly for business travelers as that is OneJet’s operating model. This is the first flight addition in OneJet’s expansion plan to add a new route every month and to create another focus city in companion with Indianapolis.

Official Announcement

Route Map & Timetable

Quick Analysis

While the flight will connect two major healthcare cities there currently is very little demand at under 10 passengers (See US Airline Demand). The nonstop will obviously stimulate some but there must be some corporations providing the nudge to OneJet in order to get these off the ground. My guess are the multitude of healthcare and insurance companies in both the cities. If it doesn’t work out for them it’s because that Nashville is relatively easy drive from Indianapolis unlike all the other destinations added.

A couple other thoughts are the OneJet flight numbers… The newly added flights are 1013 and 1014. This leaves a gap 1007, 1008, 1011, and 1012 which I believe are the next destinations from Indianapolis. For flights that oriented towards Milwaukee start with 11xx and for those oriented with 12xx are Pittsburgh. I was pretty certain Indianapolis to Cleveland nonstop would be the next addition after hearing rumors that OneJet was in discussions with the Cleveland airport. So next announcement Cleveland?

Also what will the next OneJet focus city be? Milwaukee and Memphis both have put out releases stating their case.