OneJet Announces Expansion Plans Through 2016

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The new airline, OneJet has announced it’s preliminary expansion plans for 2016 after having a successful trial run after¬†starting flights in April of this year. Since starting flights from Indianapolis to Milwaulkee OneJet has expanded to Pittsburgh and Memphis (current route map). The first part of the expansion plans includes an announcement of at least one new route from their first focus city, Indianapolis, on August 12th. With their model to target unserved city pairs for business travelers, a couple of destinations come to mind including Cleveland, Norfolk, or Hartford (for more speculation). The next phase of their expansion will be to announce their next focus city on or before September 15th. Most likely this next focus city will be one of the current cities being served.¬†As for the following months, OneJet will receive one aircraft per month and will add up to 12 additional destinations through 2016.

OneJet’s unique model of targeting business travelers at underserved airports by providing them convenient nonstops is proving to work. While they have limited capacity with their small Hawker 400s they recently just eclipsed there 1000th passenger in just a couple of months. I personally want to fly them as their focus city is here at my home airport but I have yet to find a good excuse… Maybe their next announcement will give me that!