OneJet New Route Speculation, Indianapolis to Pittsburgh?

Update: OneJet Airlines has announced IND-PIT and MKE-PIT

Onejet is a new Indianapolis based airline that is focused on undeserved business routes. They recently announced their first route which commenced on April 6th as a direct route from Indianapolis (IND) to Milwaukee (MKE). At the end of this month on April 24th they will announce more flights and there already is some speculation on what new markets there could be. For example. there have been discussions between OneJet and the Pittsburgh International Airport. While it is unknown if this will lead to a Indianapolis (IND) to Pittsburgh (PIT) direct flights it sure seems like a possibly. Keep in mind OneJet flies smaller planes, their first route is on a Hawker 400 with 7 seats.

So what other possible destinations could OneJet add? The airline is focused on midsize airports that have seen reduced direct services. With only one route, it is kind of hard to predict but as a current Indianapolis resident I will give it a try. I will use one my travel tools I created that shows the demand of passengers between airports.  Using the first flight from IND to MKE with a demand of 31 passengers per day as the basis, I decided to filter out any airport with less than 30 passengers per day from Indianapolis.  Next I filtered out all the current nonstops from Indianapolis which gives us the map below.


So that leaves us with approximately 31 markets in the United States that can be seen in the map above. With the main focus of OneJet on business travelers that is going to eliminate many of the southern and western markets. So with that in mind there are 11 markets left which are shown in the chart below which includes Milwaukee (MKE) and Pittsburgh (PIT).

(PPD is passengers per day)

Rank Market Airport Code PPD Average Fare
1 Hartford, CT BDL 81.8  $          275.03
2 Norfolk, VA (Metro Area) ORF 59.7  $          248.91
3 Cleveland, OH (Metro Area) CLE 58.3  $          286.72
4 Richmond, VA RIC 54.2  $          223.27
5 Memphis, TN MEM 49.3  $          305.91
6 Omaha, NE OMA 46.9  $          232.08
7 Des Moines, IA DSM 36.2  $          223.22
8 Pittsburgh, PA PIT 34.9  $          228.93
9 Buffalo, NY BUF 33.9  $          215.51
10 Milwaukee, WI MKE 31.0  $          203.85
11 Albany, NY ALB 30.7  $          286.09

What does everything think the potential markets are for the April 24th announcement? Will we see a return of direct flights from Indianapolis to Cleveland (CLE) and Memphis (MEM) as Delta Airlines used to serve these routes and could be easy additions? I am going to guess new direct flights from Indianapolis to Pittsburgh (PIT), Richmond (RIC) and Hartford (BDL)….