New Business Airline OneJet, Indianapolis to Milwaukee

IND - MKE on OneJet

A new business traveler centered airline, OneJet will start operating flights between Indianapolis to Milwaukee starting on April 6th. The flights are being operated by Pentastar Aviation Charter flying a 7 seat seat Hawker 400. The flight is oriented more towards the Indianapolis based traveler with the IND – MKE flights departing in the morning at 8:15 am EST and arriving 8:15 am CST in Milwaukee. The return flight from MKE to IND does not departed until 5:25 pm CST with an arrival time of 7:25 pm EST back in Indianapolis. The flight will only operate from Monday to Thursday initially and is starting at $566 round-trip. Compliments to for the find!

Update: Additional route announcements will occur on April 23rd

Expedia booking of OneJet IND - MKE

While the OneJet website doesn’t provide too much details about their bigger plans, it seems like they will be targeting similar medium sized business markets where direct service has seen a decline in recent years. Going through more details the flights will be operated out of the normal terminals from Indianapolis and Milwaukee meaning you must pass through TSA security. Flights are currently bookable on Expedia, BCD Travel, and American Express Travel if anyone wants to try them out. Their intro video was professional done and they seem to have well experienced individuals at the helm and wish them the best!

Quick Analysis

Being in Indianapolis and someone who used to travel to Milwaukee on a weekly basis for business this would have been amazing to me last year. Right now the only way to get up into the Milwaukee region is to endure the brutal drive through Chicago or pay the expensive fare to O’Hare, rent a car, and drive. I can’t tell you how many times I had problems taking that drive… I think this could be a successful route and really hope OneJet can provide more options in the future. Many other medium sized cities have seen their nonstop flights all but disappear. Some other routes that could potentially work for OneJet’s model of targeting business travelers is Indianapolis to Cleveland, and Memphis. Both have had previous nonstop service that was canceled recently, and neither are that convenient to drive to.

I would be interested to hear others opinions on OneJet, the inside scope, or speculation on more routes!