US Domestic Routes & Airfare Analysis Tool

One of the best parts of being an avid traveler and someone who enjoys data analysis and visualization is combining the two together! The travel tool created shows visually the average airfare and how many passengers per day commute from the selected city. Use it to find cheap airfare and the most popular travel destinations from your airport. It is always fun to try to see what new routes are possible from your city. For example, from Indianapolis there are 266 average daily passengers to San Diego. I know that there are no non-stop┬ároutes currently, but based on these numbers it could be possible… For reference this travel tool is only for United States domestic flights from Q1 2014 as that was the most recent complete data set available.

Data Source

How It Works

  • Select the city from the dropdown to populate the map with the fares and number of passengers from that location
  • Zoom in and zoom out and move around the map with your mouse
  • Filter out other cities based on the average fare on the right
  • The larger the bubbles the more passengers that travel between the two cities
  • Now for the colors, greener the cheaper fares while red are more expensive fares
  • Keep in mind that averages fares displayed include first class tickets and tickets bought a year in advanced to the day of flying. However, this information should give a good indication on what routes are the cheapest to fly.
  • Passenger information if for both ways, i.e from Detroit to Atlanta and from Atlanta to Detroit

This post only introduces the tool but I hope to add further analysis on different markets in future posts. Feel free to make your own deductions!