8 Unannounced New Southwest Destinations from Dallas!

Southwest new routes from DAL, to BOS, CLT, DTW, OMA, PHL, PIT, RDU, SLC
Today I was curious as to when Southwest's Belize flights would be starting and I happened to stumble upon this page where it lists all the new routes for 2015. That is where I noticed 8 routes from Dallas that did not look familiar... The flights below have not been official announced by Southwest yet but are definitely bookable online past the August 9th date. As of this morning the flights do not even show up in Southwest's route map. August 9, 2015 one daily nonstop Da...

Allegiant Air Announces a Plethora of New Routes!

Allegiant Air's new routes including Savannah, Austin, Memphis, Akron, and Raleigh
  Allegiant Air has announced 22 new routes and new cities / destinations that include Savannah, Akron, Memphis, and Raleigh. As usual with Allegiant flights the new routes are not daily but typically only have 2-4 round trip flights per week. The new routes include the following: Akron-Canton (CAK) - Seasonal service to Myrtle Beach, S.C., (MYR) begins June 3 Akron-Canton (CAK) - Seasonal service to Savannah/Hilton Head (SAV) begins May 21 Akron-Canton (CAK) - Year-round ser...

Etihad Guest Gold Status Match!

Etihad Airways is offering status matches to their Etihad Guest Gold tier, which is their 2nd status tier. In order to get the status match you need to have at least a "gold or a higher-tiered card with any other airline loyalty programme". I would read that as any 2nd tier status. I will be sending in my US Airways Gold status in hopes for a match. This offer expires on March 15th 2015 so send in your information! A couple of the benefits are listed below 50% Extra Bonus Miles - Enjoy 5...

Booking an Allegiant Air Flight From Indianapolis?

Allegiant Air Booking Flights from Indianapolis
Allegiant Air recently started new routes from Indianapolis this month to a couple destinations including New Orleans, Las Vegas, Punta Gorda, and Orlando. Most people here in Indianapolis have not flown Allegiant before, me being one of them so when my friend approached me to take a trip this March I thought it would be good time to try them as they provided the cheapest option for a close in flight. With the trip being only for a weekend I needed very specific departure times and wanted to min...

Savings Tip: Low Price Rental Cars & Under 25

Rental car savings under 25
Trying to rent a car at most places while being under 25 usual incurs an additional "age differential" fee that significantly adds to the price. These fees range from $15 to $30 per day depending on location and the rental car company policy. While statistically young drivings are more prone to get into car accidents there are ways to reduce the sting of these fees and eliminate them entirely. The savings tips I will outline is not just useful for young adults but I have also found these tips to...

Southwest Adds More New Routes From Dallas!

Southwest new routes from Dallas
Southwest Airlines has added new nonstop flights from Dallas (DAL) to Charleston, Columbus, Indianapolis, Memphis, Milwaukee, Panama City Beach, Portland Oregon, Sacramento, San Jose, and Seattle. Some of these destinations were previously announced a couple of weeks ago but it is great to see Southwest expanded after the expiration of the Wright Amendment! Most of these routes will start on April 8th and have daily service except for Charleston which is Saturday only and Panama City Beach as a ...

US Domestic Routes & Airfare Analysis Tool

Travel tool for domestic airfare and routes
One of the best parts of being an avid traveler and someone who enjoys data analysis and visualization is combining the two together! The travel tool created shows visually the average airfare and how many passengers per day commute from the selected city. Use it to find cheap airfare and the most popular travel destinations from your airport. It is always fun to try to see what new routes are possible from your city. For example, from Indianapolis there are 266 average daily passengers to San D...

Weekend Trip: Perfect North an Indiana Ski Resort?

Perfect North Ski Resort View From the Lodge
Growing up in the Midwest and being an avid snowboarding I know not to expect too much at the local ski resorts but I have been pleasantly surprised every time I have been to Perfect North. First off, Perfect North is an Indiana ski resort which right there doesn't make much sense with Indiana being as flat as a pancake. Last year I went to Perfect North for the first time after record snowfall in Indiana and hit all the most difficult runs on my snowboard but this year I wanted to learn how...